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clergy recovery (focuses on addictions)

Clergy Recovery Links

This list is provided solely as information. Only you can decide which, if any, of these resources might be helpful to you. Listing comes with no guarantees, promises, recommendations or endorsements. Exclusion from this list does not imply anything either.

Please read the full disclaimer that applies to all resources listed on this site.

Finding help which suits you best will save your time on your recovery journey, give you hope more quickly and be most cost efficient. If you wish you may consult with the Clergy Recovery Network regarding referrals on this list and regarding other resources as well. We believe in helping you find a quality fit as you seek help. No resource pays CRN to refer clergy and their families. Some of the resources listed below offer financial advantages for the clergy whom CRN refers. If you wish to interact with us regarding our assessment of your needs and the referral that deems most appropriate please go to the Contact page.

This full disclaimer applies to CRN’s interaction with you regarding referrals.

Church Consultants/Conflict Resolution

  • Peacemaker Ministries
    Ken Sande and his team work with churches and Christian Ministries which are conflicted. They use a conservative Biblical model of consulting.
  • Shawchuck and Associates
    Norm Shawchuck and his staff are highly trained and experienced in consulting with churches in conflict and crisis. Norman may be reached toll free at 800-359-7363 or you may email him at


  • Bethesda Workshops
    An intensive workshop program for male and female sex addicts, co-sex addicts (partners or ex-partners of addicts), and addict/co-addict couples.
  • Charis Foundation
    Offers intensives and seminars for pastors.
  • Faithful and True Ministries
    Intensives for men and couples struggling with sexual issues located in Minneapolis, MN. Books, articles and other resources are also available at this site.
  • Link Care
    The Restoration and Personal Growth Program exists to meet the needs of missionaries and pastors who have encountered difficulties in their fields of service.
  • Marble Retreat
    Marble Retreat offers eight-day intensives which include group and individual Christian counseling.
  • Ministry Development Council
    The Ministry Development Council is a National Network of Accredited Centers Providing Resources for Clergy, Denominational Leadership, and Local Churches.
  • Psychological Counseling Services
    Located in Scottsdale, Arizona. Individualized intensive outpatient therapy, with expertise in a number of life issues including, sex therapy and addiction, relationship difficulties, marriage and family issues.
  • Stone Gate Resources
    Brief Intensive Counseling/Restoring Sexual Purity Workshops for couples.
  • The Cottage on Coronado Island
    One week retreats/intensives for individuals and couples in San Diego for Christian leaders with Walter and Francoise Becker.
  • The Ministry Development Network
    An ecumenical, church owned service whose mission is to strengthen and care for persons in ministry.

Denominational Resources

  • Chemical Dependency Ministries (UMC)
    A United Methodist ministry (Oklahoma Conference) which recognizes that the disease of addiction is also a spiritual issue. This ministry provides education and resources to offer hope, healing and understanding within our communities.
  • Fellowship of Recovering Lutheran Clergy
    Recovery support for Lutheran clergy who suffer from alcoholism and other addictions.
  • Presbyterians for Addiction Action
    PAA assists Presbyterians as they minister in an increasingly addictive society to restore people to God’s promise of wholeness.
  • Recovery Ministries of the Episcopal Church
    Recovery Ministries is an independent, nationwide network of Episcopal laity and clergy, dioceses and parishes, schools, agencies, and other institutions—all with a common commitment to address the use and misuse of alcohol and other drugs.


  • Pastor Care
    PastorCare provides personalized support and encouragement for pastors and their families.
  • Recovered Alcoholic Clergy Association (RACA)
    The Recovered Alcoholic Clergy Association (RACA) is a working fellowship of the clergy of the Episcopal Church. It is open to ALL clergy.

Other Resources

  • Christian Recovery International
    CRI, the host site of CRN, is loaded with recovery articles and international language sites. It has networking opportunities, training resources like the Fuller Institute for Recovery Ministry, and abuse recovery pages like Spiritual Abuse Recovery.
  • Covenant Eyes
    Covenant Eyes is a site which provides monitoring and filtering of your web use. The founders are wonderful believers and the staff is fantastic with technical and customer care.
  • Keith Miller Recovery Resources
    Keith Miller is a bestselling author who has his own recovery journey and shares it. He writes incisively on recovery themes. In March 2009 his web site will be redesigned. His weekly newsletter is priceless for pastors.
  • Winning Edge Ministries
    Thomas Pedigo has written a broadly endorsed manual titled, “A Program for Restoring Fallen Ministers & Religious Leaders”. It and other resources are available at the Winning Edge web site.

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