Posted by: faithful | December 15, 2013

resentment and gratitude: forging foregiveness


We create a resentment because something is different than the picture of how we have made ourselves believe it should be.  



Most of us have issues with gratitude and compassion.  When are so out of alignment and self-centered that actions and intentions become destructive to ourselves and others. 

We make our unforgiveness seem normal. And it’s because we make it seem normal that we don’t work that hard to change it.  

When we have a real gratitude for our very life right now–when we embody it–we can touch the sacred mystery of our being here.

Its amazing we are breathing.  It is amazing that breathing triggers hundreds of thousands of apical reactions.

There is a fragile and elementally fierce beauty to our solitary life and (in relation to the whole of existence) short life.  We are all limited in this way.

The fact that we are here and conscious and able to love is staggering.  If we can just remind ourselves to deeply be aware of these limitations, we can better align ourselves and when that happens we have little or no desire to harm anybody.   We can’t then imagine, unless it is absolutely necessary, harming someone in word or deed.  Why would we want to do that?  Forgiveness is normal where forgiveness is part of our relationship to the whole.

We are little dots and there are six and a half billion of us.   One thing that my little dot can do is let go of my negativity when possible.  That is part of what the whole asks of us so that the whole can stay healed whenever possible.

The piece that we just miss so deeply is just the simplest “thank you”:

We can see that there is so much suffering:  “why am I wrapped up in mine?”

….There is so much pain there is so much horror, so much loss….why am I spending all these years obsessing about mine?

These recognitions help us to detach from the drama and then we can actually be of help.

This is the central reality of our individual transforming potential:  the fact that we can make a difference by just doing this one loving thing.

andromeda galaxy M31

Fred Luskin:  The Power of Foregiveness


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