Posted by: faithful | June 6, 2008

victim impact statement model


It is important to clarify at the beginning of the statement that this is the personal view of the victim, since thoughts and information expressed are not subject to rules of evidence or civil procedure regulations.

The statement consists of a brief summary of the harm or trauma suffered by the victim as a result of the abuse.  An effective statement is approximately 3-4 pages in length.

Aspects to Include:

1.  A summary of the economic loss or damage suffered by the victim and victim’s family as a result of the abuse.  Include requests for restitution for out-of-pocket expenses.

2.  A conside statement of the emotional and psychological impact of the abuse.

3.  A description of the physical/medical impact of the abuse.

4.  Significant documents which indicate the severity of the impact/loss

5.  The overall effect the critical incident has had on the victim and family.

The victim’s recommendations, reactions or considerations regarding the proposed sentence or military order.

A concise statement of what outcome the victim would like and reasons to support this opinion.

Highlights about the victim. Their past accomplishments, hopes for the future, and what the abuse has done to curtail these activities.

A narrative format is recommended because this allows the victim greater freedom in expressing their needs and sharing their story.


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