Posted by: faithful | September 21, 2007

Celiac Disease and Gluten Intolerance: You’re Not Alone

Celiac Disease and Gluten Intolerance: You’re Not Alone

by Kelly in Gary B. Huffnagle, The Probiotics Revolution, Celiac Disease 

Many readers have asked me about Celiac Disease.  According to Gary Huffnagle Ph.D. (The Probiotics Revolution) there is a minimum of one million Americans with celiac but it is estimated to be much more widespread. subscribes to three million affected Americans, most of Northern European extraction.

Back in the 1970’s in small town Michigan, my aunt had two young children with severe celiac. After giving his diagnosis, their doctor proclaimed short-lived lives for my cousins.  The children had inherited the condition from their paternal grandfather, skipping a generation by leaving their father untouched. Living in the Grove, a local neighborhood, my aunt’s family sold their home and purchased a piece of farm property.  Remodeling their lives wasn’t easy, but they gave up wheat and other glutens as well as cow milk.  My aunt grew a large fresh garden, produced her own meat, eggs, and goat milk.  In the kitchen, she baked rice bread.  The doctor was wrong and my cousins have since grown into adulthood and have given my aunt many grandchildren. 

Celiac disease is difficult to diagnose and the expected treatment is still gluten elimination.  Fortunately such restaurants as Carrabba’s offers a gluten-free menu for their patrons, and offers support and research tools for those afflicted.  Dr. Huffnagle states that probiotics are being studied as a useful tool used to strengthen the intestinal wall.


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