Posted by: faithful | August 5, 2007

co-dependent characteristics

1.  Difficulty trusting one’s own perceptions: known intuition or reality is easily challenged by others  

2.  Weak or inappropriate boundaries 

3.  Exaggerated fear of abandonment 

4.  Excessive caretaking, becoming indispensable    

5.  Assuming unrealistic responsibility for behavior of others

6.  Attempting to control or wanting to control situations when others have responsibility for outcomes,triangulating to “fix”

7.  Difficulty centering and focusing on feelings and one’s own needs, being assertive

8.  Minimization of consequences, lack of problem-solving initiative and follow-through

9.  Responding to situations and to others in extreme: over-trust or no trust

10.  Esteem is based on “what others say”

11.  Shame-based protectiveness of family reputation 

Other, related symptoms, often associated with PTSD 

1. Excessive reliance on denial    

2. Constriction of emotions (with or without dramatic outbursts)    

3. Depression

4. Hypervigilance 

5. Stress-related medical illness

6. Feeling “different”, sense of alienation

Other issues:  Lack of daily structure, missed appointments, irregular meal times, inadequate sleep, failure to complete necessary tasks, better with beginnings and endings than with middles, anxiety symptoms 


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