Posted by: faithful | July 25, 2007

glycemic index of bakery items, beans and peas (legumes)

Beans and Peas GI Value
Chana Dal 8
Chickpeas, dried 28
Kidney Beans, dried 28
Lentils 29
Lima Beans (frozen) 32
Yellow Split Peas 32
Chickpeas, canned 42
Blackeyed Peas, canned 42
Baked Beans 48
Kidney Beans, canned 52
Bakery Item GI Value
Sponge Cake 46
Pound Cake 54
Blueberry Muffin 59
Pastry Pie Crust 59
Bran Muffin 60
Carrot Muffin 62
Angel Food Cake 67
Doughnut 76
Scones 92

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